Life In The Now Podcast: Dr. Towanda Davila-Davis

October 29, 2018

On this episode of Life In The Now Radio...


Dr. Nicky Collins is joined by special guest, Dr. Towanda Davila Davis.  Dr. Davis shares her testimony about Breast Cancer and the power of Prayer, Faith and staying informed.



Life In The Now Podcast: Dr. Nicky E. Collins, Breast Cancer Awareness Testimony

October 8, 2018

On this edition of the Life In The Now Broadcast:

Host, Dr. Nicky E. Collins shares her Story of Transformation...

Going from Breast Cancer Diagnosis...To Cancer Free!

Special Note:  Dr. Nicky also started an Social Campaign to raise Breast Cancer/Overall Health Awareness all year long at:


Life In The Now Podcast: Mark Irvin & Rory Newkirk

September 24, 2018

Life In The Now Podcast w/ Nicky E. Collins

New Series: Stories of Transformation


Listen as Author Mark Irvin tells his story about what it truly means to be Ballin' Both Sides of a Real and Deadly Game.  The Podcast also features a special interview with Irvin's friend and Co-writer of the book, Rory Newkirk.  


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