Life In The Now Podcast: Dr. Nicky E. Collins, Breast Cancer Awareness Testimony

October 8, 2018

On this edition of the Life In The Now Broadcast:

Host, Dr. Nicky E. Collins shares her Story of Transformation...

Going from Breast Cancer Diagnosis...To Cancer Free!

Special Note:  Dr. Nicky also started an Social Campaign to raise Breast Cancer/Overall Health Awareness all year long at:


Life In The Now Podcast: Mark Irvin & Rory Newkirk

September 24, 2018

Life In The Now Podcast w/ Nicky E. Collins

New Series: Stories of Transformation


Listen as Author Mark Irvin tells his story about what it truly means to be Ballin' Both Sides of a Real and Deadly Game.  The Podcast also features a special interview with Irvin's friend and Co-writer of the book, Rory Newkirk.  


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